What we do

The Brno City Chief Architect‘s Office (KAM) is the main conceptual workplace of Brno in the field of architecture, urban planning and city design. We work on a new master zoning plan, we design urban and transport studies, we prepare architectural and urban competitions, we participate in the creation of cultivated streets, squares and parks. At the same time, we strive to involve the general public in issues related to the city’s development. KAM’s task is to positively influence the development of Brno for future generations.

The City Chief Architect’s team

  • prepares proposals for a new Master zoning plan of the City of Brno
  • processes changes to the existing land-use plan
  • designs and commissions urban and transport studies
  • prepares expert documents and expert opinions for city representatives in the field of architecture, urban planning and city development
  • initiates and moderates joint meetings between city representatives, city districts representatives, investors and architects
  • works on cultivating the city’s public space
  • prepares architectural and urban competitions
  • involves the public in planning and decision-making related to the city’s development in the form of surveys, discussions, workshops, exhibitions, walks and joint planning
  • strengthens partnerships and cooperation with universities, professionals and the public